Fashion Announcement: Who'll Walk On Hc Launching Fashion Show?

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

After more than 100 people applied for our Model Search HC competition, we finally have selected 24 girls who passed through the second stage of the competition. These girls are:

These 24 girls were invited to attend an interview which was held at Anggrek Photo Studio - Mayestik, last monday, 28th Feb 2011. Unfortunately, 2 of the selected girls could not attend the interview, so only leave us to 22 girls to be selected on that day.

During the interview, HC committee were very glad because we could get to know each girl one by one and know them a little bit more. All of them come from different backgrounds and ages, so it gives us different feelings when we met them. They were all gorgeous and we really thankful for some of them who have given up a lot in order to be able to attend the interview day.

The selection was based on the interview that we had one by one and the walk trial. So here they are! The chosen models to walk at HC Launching fashion show! Congrats girls!*

*The announcement on who get to be selected will be emailed to each participant also.

The interview stage was wrapped up with a photoshoot. The girls also got a souvenir from Dian Pelangi as a gift for being in the top 24. After that we closed the day by having late lunch together around the block.

-The Judges-

It was such a great day and we had so much fun. We hope that those who came would feel the same way and enjoy being part of the HC Launching process. We really hope to meet you all again soon :) And for those of you who have applied, we really appreciate you all for participating :) love you guys.

Much Love,

Written by: Noria Hasibuan
Photographed by: Anggrek Photo Studio
Photos & text edited by: Ola Fadly

Special Thanks to Anggrek Photo Studio - Mayestik

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