Should You Lot Purpose Chatbots For Your Business? Amongst Kerry Heaps On Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

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Topic: "Should You Use Chatbots for Your Business?"

The latest buzz is close using "bots" to interact amongst your customers together with prospects. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the "hot novel thing," only how much of the buzz is hype together with how much is actually useful for the pocket-sized concern owner?

Returning co-host Kerry Heaps joins Deborah to verbalize close the good, the bad together with the mayhap ugly when it comes to using chatbots for your business.

"Space Pants" video from SNL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwpmqMnngRk

Kerry Heaps is the Founder together with Publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine.  She is also the host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio. The journal has late spun off an online community for women (and men too) looking to hit to a greater extent than media exposure, Pitch similar a B*tch Media.  She owns Knockout Marketing, a Business-to-Business telemarketing together with Pb generation firm.  Her passion is to attention other Entrepreneurs amongst their marketing efforts to proceed their dream of running a successful business.

Her storey starts inwards the saltation of 2005, working inwards the corporate the world every bit a recruiter she spent a lot of fourth dimension at networking functions together with participating inwards putting them together for other organizations. "It's a lot of piece of work putting together events together with I idea to myself if I am going to create this, I should create it for myself. I was working part fourth dimension to relieve coin to start my icon consulting trouble solid together with then I figured this would move a dandy agency to add together inwards around revenue spell the concern gets upwardly together with running."

She left her corporate labor inwards the autumn together with started getting concern owners together at a local mass shop café. "I yet retrieve my root Mon subsequently I left my job, I got upwardly that morning time together with thought, what bring I done??? Although there's been a lot of bumps inwards the route I don't regret my conclusion i bit. My passion is helping others succeed inwards their marketing efforts, I know how scary it tin move to start a concern together with no i should experience lone on their journey." The fellowship currently specializes inwards marketing, amongst the Magazine, verbalize radio plan together with online community for Women inwards Marketing.

Kerry has an extensive background inwards Sales, Networking, Recruiting, together with Training. She is a one-time Model who specialized inwards Trade Show together with Print work. She is also an experienced approximate on the beauty pageant circuit.  Kerry is also a contributing columnist for www.sbmarketingtools.com, www.entrepreneursenvogue.com together with she also writes occasionally for www.sheownsit.com together with www.womensprospects.com.  Kerry has interviewed celebrities such every bit Co-Host of Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran, Authors Larry Winget, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Former Miss West Virginia together with QVC Talk Show host, Kim Parrish together with many to a greater extent than successful concern entrepreneurs.


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