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Topic: "Three Tips to Ditch Your Corporate Day Job & Embrace Who You Are"

Naomi Sodomin, International Best-Selling Author of, EMBRACE THE MIRROR: Vision of Abundance as well as a Stronger You

Naomi Sodomin is a passionate messenger, an advocate for women trapped inwards Corporate America as well as desperate to escape; her days (and ofttimes her nights) are devoted to helping them create a life filled alongside freedom, joy, as well as abundance. "It's my mission," she states, offering her signature brilliant smile.

Ms. Sodomin is an international best-selling author, speaker, as well as life-transformation coach. Her book, Embrace the Mirror: Vision of Abundance as well as a Stronger You launched inwards Dec 2017 to rave reviews as well as top-tier sales. She is fast becoming i of the most in-demand as well as prominent speakers as well as coaches on the scene today.

H5N1 Registered Nurse as well as valued fellow member of the medical community, Naomi has extensive experience inwards transitioning as well as mentoring. She's the founder as well as President of Embrace The Mirror, a fellowship established to furnish mentoring as well as coaching for women feeling trapped inwards Corporate America who are prepare to quit their twenty-four hours job. She teaches them how to start their ain unique business; i that allows them to operate for themselves as well as manifest their dreams. She helps them strategize as well as position a corporation conception inwards house spell they exit.

Clients uncovering Naomi a caring, dynamic instructor as well as coach. She is passionate as well as committed to beingness instrumental inwards transforming the lives of her clients, as well as has successfully helped hundreds of women leverage their fourth dimension as well as create to a greater extent than or less other income stream. When non working straight alongside her company, Naomi tin go found on phase inwards diverse venues delivering her message of self-love, freedom, joy, as well as abundance.

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Naomi is a native of Haiti, a tiny Caribbean Area field alongside a ragged history of poverty, foreign Voo Doo practices, hurricane devastation, as well as corrupt politics. She was fortunate plenty to emigrate to the United States of America of America at the tender historic catamenia of nine, alongside her household unit of measurement as well as 3 siblings; a squall for for a amend life drove them from their seaside hamlet to seek to a greater extent than chance as well as freedom. Despite the early on days of fiscal deal as well as the challenges of inner urban pith life, Naomi was the kickoff inwards her household unit of measurement to graduate college as well as go a Registered Nurse. Her passion for freedom, joy, as well as abundance opened the door for a career chance every bit an in-demand Travel Nurse, thereby doubling her income as well as enabling her to operate throughout the country.

Over the course of didactics of her nursing career, Naomi developed a dearest for mentoring the novel nurses, as well as was chop-chop recognized for her coaching abilities as well as her inspirational approach to teaching. As a Certified Preceptor inwards the Critical Care set-ting, Naomi mentored hundreds of newly-pinned as well as pupil nurses. She helped them create their confidence, as well as educate the skills necessary to succeed inwards the demanding as well as stressful nursing profession, where life as well as choke hang on every decision.

Naomi has transferred her dearest for mentoring as well as coaching, as well as created a vibrant as well as thriving trouble concern that at i time gives her the flexibility to produce the operate she loves, go the world, as well as pass precious fourth dimension alongside her hubby as well as immature son. She is available past times appointment.

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