How Entrepreneurs Tin Thrive Inward The Gig Economic Scheme Amongst Author & Pr Skillful Erin Schultz On Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

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Topic: "How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive inwards the Gig Economy" amongst Writer & PR Expert Erin Schultz 

Erin shares how she reclaimed her professional person together with personal ability past times starting her ain business, together with using her skills to carve out her ain niche.

Erin Schultz is a writer, editor, multimedia journalist, together with publicist. Armed amongst a master’s score inwards journalism from Columbia University, Erin, 41, has 2 decades of sense working inwards media of several formats -- from local to national outlets -- expressing her passion for authentic storytelling. H5N1 recent stint equally an editor inwards the contributed content subdivision at Entrepreneur.com inwards Manhattan opened her eyes to the thriving entrepreneurial basis of CEOs, founders together with everyone inwards betwixt working difficult to realize their concern dreams.

Erin straight off industrial plant remotely on Long Island. Her writing has been published all over the the US (and a few other countries), together with her video operate has been broadcast on the Discovery Channel. When Erin isn’t polishing content to perfection or making people famous, she enjoys long-distance running, in-depth conversation at Irish Gaelic Pubs, together with standing ovations at karaoke nights. She likewise is currently working on a mass most her past times adventures inwards journalism.

Over the years, Erin has developed ongoing working relationships amongst editors together with contributors from Entrepreneur, Inc., The New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fortune, CNBC, Businessingmag.com, Realtor.com, AdWeek, Good Men Project, MarketWatch, diverse podcasts, radio together with YouTube shows, together with more.

Erin's LinkedIn network is made upwardly of hundreds (and growing every day!) of influential people -- entrepreneurs together with media types from all over the globe. Here, she has hundreds of straight connections to contributors, staff writers together with editors from all of the higher upwardly publications plus: Fast Company,The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Business Insider, together with many more.

Having been featured equally an practiced source inwards local together with national media herself, Erin knows all most the ability of leveraging media for her ain professional person pursuits. Originally from Michigan, Erin was profiled several times inwards the local media during her stint equally the Pb vocaliser of a pop local band inwards her early on 20s. She was interviewed at length on WPKN 89.5, a Connecticut radio station, inwards 2011 when she headed upwardly a novel Patch.com intelligence website on the East End of Long Island. She was likewise a source for a Discovery Channel particular inwards 2012, where a portion of a video she shot together with edited for local Long Island press was used.  She's likewise a contributor at Thrive Global together with she's looking to portion her writing at to a greater extent than outlets in 1 lawsuit again. 

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How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive inwards the Gig Economy How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive inwards the Gig Economy amongst Writer & PR Expert Erin Schultz on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

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