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Topic: "The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Over Academic Excellence Among Children in addition to What Parents Can Do About It"

Devishobha Chandramouli is the founder of Kidskintha - a media site for millennial parents. You tin flaming discovery her vocalisation on the Huffington Post, LifeHack, Parent.co, Addicted2Success, Inc.com, Entrepreneur, Tiny Buddha, Sivana East in addition to other on a arrive at of topics.

Devishobha strongly believes inwards positive parenting. As the woman raise of 2 girls, Devishobha started a weblog iv years agone titled “Kidskintha” that relayed conversations she had alongside her children. Readers loved the weblog in addition to it apace took off inwards popularity.

“Kidskintha” is a give-and-take that is adapted from the advert of a garden “Kishkindha” from the keen Indian epic story, Ramayana. The garden is a house where monkey-men, known every bit vanarasena frolic freely in addition to happily. The advert suited Devishobha’s weblog which directly includes contributors from diverse walks of life only yet focuses primarily on aspects of positive parenting concepts.

Get yourself equipped alongside "One Happy Parenting Hack a Week for an Entire Year(each i backed yesteryear science)" on the website.

Twitter: @kidskintha
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